You Are Bringing Cancer To Your Home! 🤯


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Harsh here, Brand & Communication at Shishu. Today, let's talk about something crucial—your baby's safety.

You've probably heard about the fear surrounding Talc-based Baby Powder. It's time we address it boldly.

The Hidden Danger: Talc and the Risk of Cancer

Talc, a Common Ingredient in many Baby Powders, has been linked to Cancer.

The particles can travel through the air, posing a risk when inhaled, especially for Tiny Lungs. As Moms, the last thing you want is to unknowingly expose your little one to such a risk.

By the way my mom had also used Talc-based Powder when I was young since she didn't had any Choice but you are lucky you have.

Shishu Natural Cottony Soft Talc Free Baby Powder
Throw Your Talc-Based Baby Powder Right Now

Shishu’s Bold Stand: Your Baby Deserves Better

At Shishu, we stand firm on putting your Baby’s Safety first. Our Baby Powder is a game-changer.

Say goodbye to talc, and meet our revolutionary blend Shishu Natural Cottony Soft Talc Free Baby Powder made from Corn Starch, Khus Extract, and Almond oil.

Why Shishu Baby Powder?

👉Corn Starch: Gentle on the skin, keeping it dry without harmful side effects.
👉Khus Extract: Natural cooling properties to soothe delicate skin. 🌰
👉Almond Oil: Nourishes and moisturises without any harmful chemicals.

Shishu Natural Cottony Soft Talc Free Baby Powder

Compromise on Safety: A Bold Stand for Your Baby

Let’s be bold about it. At Shishu, we stand strong against the dangers of Talc. 

Our Baby powder is free from Harmful Chemicals linked to Cancer. No Talc, No Parabens—just pure goodness for your Baby's Delicate skin.

Choose the Best, Reject the Rest

It's your call. If you want to continue bringing cancer into your house, it's your choice. 

But as someone who genuinely cares, I'd suggest steering clear of something when you know its consequences. 

You have Shishu to offer the best care for your baby.

Your baby deserves better. Your choices matter.

Your Well-Wisher 🥰

Brand & Communication, Shishu


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