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Bubbling Since 2021

The way we see it, once your baby is in the world, the world is your baby. You are celebrating. It’s awesome. But you are worried. And that’s why we are here. Shishu – For Your Baby’s Safe & Utmost Care!


While our explorations, we discovered that Indian mothers are looking for safe, natural, affordable, and lively baby care products for their newborns. The boring, regular, and chemical products in the market were taking away the cute giggle from the babies.


With our playful and attractive packaging, we wanted babies to enjoy their skincare time with fun and excitement. At the same time, with natural, soft, and gentle ingredients.   


Thus in 2021, we crawled into the life of India’s caring mothers to help them give their child a pleasant and playful skincare experience.

Rolling, Watch
Your Baby Enjoying

We care for your baby as much as you do and therefore, our products are



100% Natural

Animal Cruelty

Essential oil

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