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We're Akshat and Abhishek Agrawal, visionary Brothers from the land of Lord Maa Sita, Sitamarhi, Bihar, and we're the proud co-founders of Shishu! We've always had a profound love for children, and that's what led us to create this extraordinary brand dedicated to your Laadoo Joyful & Happy Experiences.

As children ourselves, we cherished every moment of our innocent and carefree days. Our childhood dreams were filled with wonder, magic, and boundless imagination. We fondly remember how our parents showered us with love and care, ensuring we always felt safe and cherished.

Fast forward to today, as co-founders, we are inspired by the same love and affection we received during our own childhood. We believe that every baby deserves the best care, surrounded by love and joy. And that's exactly what we set out to achieve with Shishu.


Our journey began with a shared vision of creating a world where babies could embrace their curiosity and delight in every discovery. We wanted to craft a brand that not only offered the safest and gentlest products but also ignited the spark of imagination and laughter in every child's heart.

At Shishu, we've poured our hearts into curating products that go beyond just Babycare – they are an invitation to a world of boundless possibilities and playful moments. We've infused our brand with love and care, just as we would for our own little ones.

Behind Shishu, there are two brothers who share the same passion for providing the best care for your children. Akshat and Abhishek - that's us! We believe that the journey of parenthood should be cherished and worry-free, and that's why we put our hearts into every product we create.

With Shishu, we want to be more than just a brand – we want to be a part of your family, supporting you in your parenting journey every step of the way. Our products are crafted with the same love and tenderness that we shower upon our children, ensuring that your baby's early years are nothing short of magical.

We believe that childhood is a treasure, and we're committed to cherishing it with you. Your trust and love fuel our passion for making Shishu a place where your baby's dreams can come to life.

If you ever want to connect with us or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. You can drop us an email at We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you for being a part of the Shishu family. Together, let's make your baby's early years full of laughter, love, and safety.

Akshat & Abhishek
Co-founders, Shishu

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