Day in the Life of a D2C Founder at Shishu

Akshat Agrawal


It's Akshat here, back with something a little different for our newsletter this week.

Ever wonder what a day looks like for a D2C founder at Shishu? Let's take a peek behind the curtain!

Early Morning Rise:

My day kicks off at 6 AM.

I'm a firm believer in the power of an early start - it gives me time to focus on my physical and mental health,

which I see as crucial for my role. A morning workout sets the tone for my day.

Office Hours Begin:

By 10 AM, I'm at the office.

My first task? Diving into customer queries. I personally handle these because I love connecting directly with you.

It helps us understand your needs better and improve continuously.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

While I'm on the front lines with customer engagement, my brother Abhishek oversees our operations.

He's the maestro managing orders, delivery, and more. Then there's Harsh, our marketing wizard, handling everything from Instagram to WhatsApp.

We’re a small team, but each one of us is dedicated to making Shishu a little better every day.

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Empowering Women in Our Workforce:

We're proud to have a significant number of women in our team, handling your orders with care.

Their contribution is vital, and it's our way of supporting and empowering women.

Focusing on Service and Innovation:

A significant part of my day is spent brainstorming how we can enhance our service and bring innovative, affordable products to you.

Speaking of which, have you checked our new backpack collection? There are some amazing deals waiting for you on our website!

Customer Interactions:

I wrap up my day by talking to some of you personally. Your feedback is invaluable – it’s what drives our improvements and innovations.

And guess what? The overwhelming response is that parents adore our products!

End of the Day:

That's a wrap on my day! It's busy,

it's challenging, but knowing that we’re making a difference in your parenting journey makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks for being a part of our journey and for letting Shishu be a part of yours.

Co-Founder, Shishu

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