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Natural Cottony Soft Talc Free Baby Powder

Natural Cottony Soft Talc Free Baby Powder

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Hello Dear!

I am Shishu Natural Cottony Soft Talc-Free Powder for babies. I take special care of your baby’s gentle skin and prevent it from becoming too dry. My organic and 100% natural ingredients help the baby’s skin retain moisture and prevent diaper rash. I am completely safe and gentle for your little one as I have zero chemicals infused. Natural ingredients in me like Organic Corn starch, Khus Extract and Vitamin E will let your baby feel Fresh and Cool throughout the day and night.




Animal Cruelty


Calms & Relaxes
Baby Skin

This Talc-free baby powder is a safer than talcum powder. It has the highest quality organic and natural ingredients like olive oil and corn starch which absorb excess moisture from the baby’s body making the skin soft and silky.

Refreshes and
Cools Baby skin

It soothes the baby’s dry and irritated skin and makes the baby feel refreshed.

Keep baby skin
soft & dry

Corn Starch blended with olive oil keeps the baby’s skin silky soft and removes excessive moisture.

Plant based Ingredients

We strictly say NO to applying harmful chemicals to baby’s skin. These 3 Key Ingredients are the reason why Shishu is Mom’s only choice.

Corn Starch

Heals Skin Rashes
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Heals Skin Rashes

Corn starch has Anti-inflammatory and high absorption properties. It prevents and helps to soothe diaper rash and other skin rashes.

Khus Extract

Absorb Excess Moisture
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Absorb Excess Moisture

It effectively absorbs excess moisture without drying out the skin.

Almond Oil

Keeps Skin Soft
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Keeps Skin Soft

Heals Rashes, Maintains Complexion & Skin Tone, Repairs the Skin Damage

No extra yucks

Baby’s skin doesn’t need these harmful chemicals. Shishu is made without these yucks.



SLS, Dyes

Synthetic colours



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good quality and price

I liked the product. Suits on my baby's skin.

Very Effective Product

Power is very soft and gentle for babies.

Nice product

Smell of this powder is very pleasant, very soft and mild

Great product quality

I use this daily on my kid, helps in curing skin rashes and burning.

Best baby powder

Good product, better then other chemical powders.

Customers Often Ask—

Why to Choose Shishu Talc Free Baby Powder than Normal Talc Powder?

As you know that Normal Talc Baby Powders are made with Talc which is a Harmful Chemical and According to Child Specialist Doctors, it can Cause Harmful Disease Like Cancer to your Babies. Hence Shishu Baby Powder is Made with Organic Corn Starch and it is 100% Natural. 

Will my baby feel Cool and Refresh after using this powder?

Ofcourse, This powder is made with Organic Corn Starch and Khus Extract which Cools Baby skin and lets your baby feel refreshed all day long. 

Best for Summers….

Why it is India’s 1st Softest Talc Free Baby Powder?

Shishu Cottony Soft Baby powder is made with Softest Organic Corn Starch Available across the whole world whereas other brands uses low grade corn starch whose texture is too rough which feels like sand.

Did not believe ? Give it a try…

How and when should I use this baby powder?

Ideally you must use this baby powder before you make your baby wear a diaper. You can also use this daily after baby’s bath. 

Does it cure itching and skin irritation?

Yes. Shishu’s Cottony Soft Baby Powder is filled with all natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It is very effective for preventing itching and skin irritation without any chemicals.