My Childhood Memories😊


Hey Shishu Parents🤗


It's Akshat again, one of the co-founders of Shishu, your go-to baby care brand.


Yesterday, while I was at the office, I started reminiscing about my childhood. You know, those good old days when our only job was to play and have fun. Just like you, I have some special childhood memories with my family.


I was quite an outgoing kid, and my extroverted nature often got me into trouble at school😅. It might sound a bit embarrassing now, but I used to collect all sorts of keyrings and stationery stuff like cool erasers, sharpeners, and pencils.


My mom would buy them for me whenever she went shopping. I had a massive collection of about 50 to 60 keyrings, but I never actually used them. I just loved collecting them and showing them off to my friends. Those were the days when even my brother Abhishek and I would playfully argue because he'd borrow my stuff and sometimes lose it. It was all in good fun🥰

Time has flown, and here we are today. It's amazing how our childhood experiences shape us. When we started Shishu, I wanted to share those feelings of joy and nostalgia with other parents. That's why we introduced a range of cool keyrings and stationery items for your little ones. It's our way of sharing a piece of my childhood with all of you.


I have to admit, I still have a soft spot for collecting these items, though not as much as before. It's a feeling of nostalgia that's close to my heart. I'm thankful to have a great brother like Abhishek, who has been with me every step of the way.


As we continue this journey together, remember that every product we create carries a part of my childhood memories and the care we put into making them. We hope they bring as much joy to your children as they did to me back in the day😇

Remember, your thoughts and ideas mean a lot to us. If you want to chat, just shoot an email to


Join us on this parenting adventure, where only the best will do.


With lots of Pyaar❤️
Akshat Agrawal
Co-founder @ Shishu


P.S. If you haven't tried our products yet, I think it's high time you did! Give your child's smile the love it deserves with Shishu. 😊

Thanks for being a part of our Shishu family. Your support means the world to us.


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