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It’s Harsh and I'm working as a content & communication at Shishu.

Today, I want to share a piece of our journey – a tale that shines a light on why we introduce cool bags for our little ones. These stories are about us getting to know you better. So, let's dive into this week's Shishu Tiny Tale.

Imagine this: a sunny day buzzing with talks about our plans for the business. We felt it was time to bring in some new things that you'd love. But truth be told, we were a bit stuck on how to really get your attention. But guess what? Challenges are like puzzles, and every puzzle has a solution. And here's the twist – our Co-founder Abhishek had a lightbulb moment – why not create these super cool bags for our little buddies?

Think about it – those big companies have cool bags for the older kids, so why not for the little ones who are just as cool? And that's when the creativity started flowing. We set out to create bags that are not just stylish but also super strong 🤔

And let me tell you, finding that perfect balance between style and strength wasn't easy. After a lot of trying and testing, we finally got the design and quality just right. But trust me, it wasn't as simple as it might seem. Our first mission was to make sure every single bag was in tip-top shape, with no bumps or damages. Making sure every bag reaches you in perfect condition was something we took really seriously.

Now, after putting in all that hard work, we needed to figure out how to get these fantastic bags to you. And that's where our Co-founder Abhishek 🥰 comes in. He's our distribution wizard, with loads of knowledge about getting things to you in different ways.

And here's a secret – you might think, "There must be a big team for this." But the truth is, not we might be a small team, but we're like a family. We work together and we work hard. And our Super Co-Founders? They're not just bosses, they're also dreamers. They dream about giving the very best to our little buddies.

Working with them is incredible, and their love for Shishu is truly something. So, as I wrap up today, I hope this story gives you a little peek into the world of Shishu.

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Join us on this parenting adventure, where only the best will do.

with lots of Pyaar ❤️


P.S. And talking about stories, if you're curious about how we cracked the code on getting our awesome products to you, stay tuned – there's more excitement coming your way!


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