Celebrating Two Years of Growth and Trust 🥰


Hey Shishu Parents🤗

Abhishek here, and I'm excited to share another edition of Shishu Tiny Tales. Today, I want to take you on a journey of how Shishu has transformed as a startup over the past two years

We all have dreams, right? Well, we had a simple dream—to make baby care better and affordable for everyone.

But it wasn't easy. A year ago, we were a small startup with limited money, and there was a time when we thought about closing down. Doubt crept in, and we wondered if we were making any difference at all. But my brother Akshat and I aren't the type to give up. Our mission was clear—to give you the best baby care products.

We had to be creative. We asked our friends, family, and even strangers who believed in us for help. Their support was like a lifeline, helping us stay afloat during tough times.

Now, fast forward to today, and we're amazed by your support and trust. Our Shishu family has grown, and that means a big responsibility. Trust is priceless, and we're committed to earning and keeping yours.

Celebrating Two Years of Growth and Trust of Shishu

Our focus is simple—we want to make baby care easy and safe. We test every product as if we're using it on our own kids. We understand the importance of every bath, massage, and cuddle. Our goal is to make these moments special for you.

If you ever have questions or concerns about our products, please email us at care@shishu.co. We're here to listen and learn.

With Lots of Pyaar ❤️
Abhishek Agrawal
Co-Founder, Shishu

P.S. If you haven't tried our products yet, I think it's high time you Should! Give your child's smile the love it deserves with Shishu. 😊

Thanks for being a part of our Shishu family. Your support means the world to us



Hello Dear! We are Shishu, India's First of its kind Natural and Organic Babycare & Kids Brand. At Shishu, we have one simple goal: to eliminate the choice many parents have to make - deciding between what's best for their Little ones and best for their budget. We believe in premium for all because every baby & Kid deserves the best.

Questions? Email us at care@shishu.co

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